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Anxiety patients in Ankara - Conquer dental anxiety

Competent help for fear of the dentist and dental anxiety

According to statistics, over 50 percent of people are "mild anxiety patients". This dental fear is triggered by traumatic childhood experiences, very painful treatments or the so-called anticipatory fear: for example, of injections or the extraction of teeth. For up to 10 percent, the fear is so dominant that, despite knowing better about the necessity of treatment, the visit to the dentist fails at the entrance door to the practice at the latest. Even in cases of severe toothache, the panic fear in Ankara of dental treatment and the dentist often prevails.

Aware of this immense problem, many dentists have specialised in treating anxiety patients. These practitioners know that the key to successful treatment is trust between patient and dentist. Light sedation with laughing gas, e.g. for dental implants, is also often very helpful.

The following list includes dentists, oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons in Ankara who specialise in treatment of dental anxiety:

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