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We bring the benefits of your specialisations into focus

Patients today are not simply looking for the nearest dentist, but a specialist for their current dental problem. A sympathetic problem solver who perfectly embodies empathy and modern excellence in dentistry. For this, further distances are also gladly accepted. We would like to support your commitment to training, further education and state-of-the-art practice technology in the best possible way and contribute optimally to the acquisition of your desired patients - with the Presence Extension.

What advantages does the "Presence Extension" offer?

Only with us: Suppose you have your practice/clinic in Mosonmagyaróvár (Hungary). We generate special websites from all your important practice services. e.g.: „All-on-4 in Mosonmagyaróvár“, „Mini implants in Mosonmagyaróvár“, „Ceramic implants in Mosonmagyaróvár“, „Bone augmentation in Mosonmagyaróvár“, and many more. With our Presence Extension, you can also be found directly in interesting places around Mosonmagyaróvár. This not only increases your awareness (brand), but also makes you easy to find as a specialist for many patients.

Higher productivity and more effectiveness through specialisation

Your spatial, personnel and machine resources can also be used more optimally in this way. More patients for specialisation opens up further advantages, for example in purchasing. Larger quantities reduce unit costs and offer financial leeway in many respects.

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Learn more about how our evaluation management can optimally support your patent acquisition.

How to get the maximum benefit from your reviews

You want more desired patients from abroad?

Only with us: We translate your national language reviews with us into German and English, as well as reviews in German or English into the other language. This way, potential patients from German- and English-speaking countries can get a better picture of your work.

All your reviews centrally in one place

We bundle our recommendations plus all the recommendations you have already received on other portals into our seal. You know yourself, the more recommendations you have, the better for your reputation. On average, patients read 12 reviews before they trust - text is very important.

Everything under your control

The choice of portals is yours (e.g.: facebook, google, whatclinic, qunomedical, sanego, golocal, ... and many more).

You want to collect more reviews

With our rating app, you can conduct surveys directly in your practice and receive valuable feedback and new ratings with just a few minutes every day.

Recommendations for specific practice services

Only with us: Our search technology additionally allows us to match our recommendations to the exact treatments a patient received. For example: a CEREC crown, ceramic implants, root canal treatment, anxiety patients, twilight sleep, ...). As patients are always looking for suitable doctors for their current dental problem, this is a great advantage. Your potential new patient can see with one click how positively previous CEREC patients, implant patients, anxiety patients, ... recommend their treatment.

Advertise with your recommendations professionally on your homepage

Have you discovered our current rating widget, here on the page, bottom right (mobile: bottom left). Clicking on it will display 3 recent reviews - without leaving your homepage. Alternatively, use our tried and tested recommendation seals.

Seal of quality: Tested by The End Consumer
Seal of quality: Tested by The End Consumer

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The functionsBasisStandardPremium inkl. presence extension
Manage personal data

Through your online access, name, address, office hours, specialties etc. can be edited at any time
yes yes yes
Personal welcome text

Make your profile more individual and meaningful for patients. "Your welcome text" is a free text contribution. Explain comprehensively the advantages of your practice. What sets you apart from other medical practitioners? Why did you become a doctor? This human component often tips the scales ...
yes yes yes
Interact directly with your patients

Reply directly to suggestions or comments in your reviews in the backend. Ideal in combination with our review app.
yes yes yes
Easily get more recommendations with the evaluation app

Our evaluation app (for all mobile devices) is a proven tool for short surveys directly in your practice. You benefit twice: through valuable feedback and recommendations. Alternatively, paper questionnaires are also available, which older patients prefer.
yesyes yes
Publicly visible ratings

Number of ratings you collect with the app that are displayed in the widget.
1060 unlimited
We translate your ratings: german -> english | english -> german

Number of collected ratings we translate per month - for the english version on or from there for the german version on
0 0 10
We translate your reviews: From local language -> English and German

Number of collected reviews we translate per month - e.g. from Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish into German and English
0 0 10
No advertising on your profile

No advertising space for Google Adsense or other advertising will be displayed on your profile
x yes yes
Insert reviews from other portals into the seal

Display all your reviews on your website. You alone decide which portals you deem to be targetable and select them. Our dynamic rating seal shows exactly these ratings and updates itself automatically. For example: facebook, google, whatclinic, medigo, qcr, qunomedical, kelclinic ... u.v.m
0 max. 3 external portals unlimited
Make your profile unique

When the background picture of your profile page shows an impression of your practice/clinic, the patient already gets a very positive impression of what to expect. Because pictures say more than 1000 words
x yes yes
Your personal picture (portrait)

Your personal picture on your profile pages again considerably enhances the effect on patients.
x yes yes
Picture gallery of your practice/clinic (up to 12 pictures)

Post a comprehensive picture gallery of your practice rooms, staff etc.. This will give your new patients a very good overall impression. Again, let the pictures do the talking!
x yes yes
Colleague recommendations

You can recommend one colleague per specialty whom you would consult in case of illness. Your received colleague recommendations increase your internal ranking
x yes yes
With the presence extension we would like to promote your patient acquisition to the maximum.

We additionally list your profile in all cities and districts in the vicinity of your practice/clinic that are interesting for you. Since this is done per practice service, this amounts to an average of well over 100 additional listings in the portals:
x x yes
Produce your complete team

All doctors and staff of your practice/clinic can be introduced here, with picture (480x480px) training and much more. Your new patients will know right away who will welcome them in a friendly and competent manner
x x yes
Additional information pages on any topic

Set up freely designable information pages. Premium customers can add up to 3 extra pages to their profile
x x yes
Premium TOP on location results pages

Premium Plus entries are always displayed on TOP on the results pages within a radius of approx. 10 kilometres. In case of multiple entries via random generator
x x yes
Include practice video

Include your practice video prominently. This is one of the best options to present your practice/clinic to new patients and at the same time increase the relevance of the video for Google and Youtube
x x yes
Exclusive territory protection (location results pages)

Enjoy exclusive territory protection at the location of your company headquarters or a branch. Depending on the size of the location, your premium TOP entry will always be placed in this location/district (postcode area). Only one entry possible in each case! We will be happy to advise you 0041 716 952 111
x x on request
MEDLIN-STERNs from 200 recommendations

From 200 recommendations we award you with the coveted MEDLIN-STERN. These are awarded annually again and there are one, two or three stars depending on the number of positive reviews
x x yes
Contact us by email or phone

You are welcome to contact us by email or phone. Our specialists will resolve your concerns quickly and without bureaucracy
yes yes yes

All prices are per month and apply to monthly or annual payments. (25% discount for annual payment)


39 € / month
Cancellable at any time

29 € / month
On annual payment

99 € / month
Cancellable at any time

75 € / month
Paying annually

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*All prices are per month and are final prices. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quote.

For larger practices/clinics with several practitioners, we offer very attractive package prices: contact us!


No minimum contract period.
Invoicing monthly by direct debit (only within the EURO zone) or once a year in advance. Cancellation by direct debit at any time at the end of the month, or by annual invoice at any time at the end of the annual period. After that, the contract is automatically extended by the selected payment period.

Our hotline:   +41 78 262 48 92 (Switzerland)


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