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Eda Çeşit

Dentist, Implantology
6076 Sok. No:12, 35575 Izmir Karşıyaka
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In the team of My Nova Mund- und Zahngesundheitsklinik

Dt Eda Çeşit

Dt Eda Çeşit

Fields of expertise: Dentist, Implantology

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Languages: Türkçe,

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Treatment services of the dental clinic

Bone augmentation for implants Dental surgery Minimally invasive surgery Titanium implants Metal-free ceramic implants Mini implants Immediately loadable dental implants Computer-Guided Implant Placement Bacteria-proof cone connection Minimally invasive implantology Sinus lift Doctor is Master of Science Oral Implantology Peri-implantitis Implants for allergy sufferers Favourable implants Microsurgery Oral and maxillofacial surgery L-PRF procedure - faster wound healing Outpatient surgeries Oral surgery Mucosal transplantation 

Anxiety patients, dental fear Aesthetic dentistry Bleaching Whitening Intra-Oral Scanner - Imprint without choking Root Canal Treatment Doctor is Master of Science Endodontics Complete restoration of the teeth Ceramic full restoration Temporomandibular joint diagnostics and therapy TMJ Child treatment, paediatric dentist Teeth grinding (bruxism) Laser treatment Bad breath (halitosis) Twilight sleep (analgo-sedation) Periodontitis treatment Doctor is Master of Science Periodontology Photoactivated disinfection (PAD) Piezosurgery Professional teeth cleaning Faster wound healing through PRGF procedure Show proper tooth brushing Reconstructive dentistry Low pain drilling Low-pain spraying Snoring therapy SOLO prophylaxis Root apex resection Tooth preservation before dentures 

Detailed advice on all questions Treatment of patients abroad Payment plans for dentures Free implant consultation Easily accessible by bus and train Own parking spaces for patients Own disabled parking spaces Suitable for wheelchair users Practice is wheelchair accessible Practice is barrier-free Suitable for hearing impairment Suitable for visually impaired Offers transparent prices Offers 2nd dentist opinion Tooth jewellery Evening consultations by arrangement Weekend consultation hours by arrangement Online allocation of appointments Online allocation of appointments by external provider Appointment via e-mail Appointment via fax Waiting time max. 5 minutes 

Amalgam drainage Amalgam remediation Holistic dentistry 

Own practice lab available Digital X-ray 

Kariesschutz durch Bracketumfeld-Versiegelung Kieferorthopädie Kieferorthopädie Erwachsenenbehandlung Kieferorthopädische Funktionsdiagnostik Ganzheitliche Kieferorthopädie Unsichtbare Zahnspangen für Erwachsene Feste Zahnspangen für Erwachsene Herausnehmbare Zahnspangen für Erwachsene Retainer für Erwachsene Feste Zahnspangen für Kinder Herausnehmbare Zahnspangen für Kinder 

Cordial interaction with patients Friendliness on the phone Short waiting times Treatment by woman only Treatment by men only 

Allergy safe dentures Ceramic fillings Ceramic inlay All-ceramic crowns Lumineers metal-free dentures metal-free prosthetic dentures Prosthetic dentures Veneers Dentures from abroad Dentures from Germany Inexpensive dentures 

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