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Zafer Kazak

M.Sc. Dt. Dentist, Implantology
Mühürdar Cad. No. 69/1, 34710 Istanbul Kadıköy
4.9 ★★★★★ - 1541 recommendations

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In the team of Medicadent Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dr. Zafer Kazak

Dr. Zafer Kazak

Fields of expertise: Dentist, Implantology

Years of experience: not available

Er wurde 1965 in Erzurum geboren. Er besuchte die Grundschule in Kars und absolvierte 1982 sein Abitur an der Kabataş Universität. 1987 schloss er sein Studium an der Universität Istanbul ab. 1988 gründete er in Istanbul Kadiköy die Zahnklinik Medicadent. 2007 absolvierte er sein Masterstudium an der RWTH Aachen , in Bereich ‘’Laser in Dentistry’’ab ( . Nice, Liege und die Universität Aachen qualifizierte für sein anerkannten Master-Abschluss ein zertifiziertes Diplom. Die Universität Aachen der Akademie Laser Turkey als external staff arbeitete er 6 Jahre lang für Laser-Mastership-Organisationen und war ausserdem Ausbilder. 2010 wurde er Ausbilder an der "IFZI deutsche Implantatakademie" ( Er ist Gründungsvorsitzender der globalen Zahnarztvereinigung. Dieser Verein DGOI (Deutscher Verein für orale Implantologie) als Partner der Türkei EXIM (Erfahrung in Implantologie) mit dem Namen ‘’Implantat’’ und EXPER (Erfahrung in Parodontologie) mit dem Namen ‘’Zahnfleischerkrankungen’’ organisierte er langfristige Bildungsprogramme. Darüber hinaus wurden viele Kongresse, Symposien, Workshops und Seminare organisiert. 2014 gründete er in Istanbul Batı Ataşehir die zweite Zahnklinik Medicadent. Diese Klinik ist eine Bildungsklinik der LA&HA (Laser and Health Academy). Medicadent organisiert seit 1995 internationale Gesundheitstourismusaktivitäten . Um diesen Zweck den Patienten besser dienen zu können ,wurde in Stuttgart und London Zweigstellen gegründet..

Languages: Türkçe, Deutsch, English,

Awards and Memberships:
- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie ( DGI )
- Deutsche Gesellschaft für zahnärztliche Implantologie ( DGZI )
- Laser Health Academy ( LAHA )

Treatment services of the doctors office

All-on-4™ All-on-6™ Bone augmentation for implants Dental surgery Minimally invasive surgery Titanium implants Metal-free ceramic implants Mini implants Immediately loadable dental implants Computer-Guided Implant Placement Bacteria-proof cone connection Minimally invasive implantology Sinus lift Doctor is Master of Science Oral Implantology Peri-implantitis Implants for allergy sufferers Favourable implants Dentures on implants (implant prosthetics) New teeth in one day Oral and maxillofacial surgery Outpatient surgeries Oral surgery Mucosal transplantation Gum transplant 

Anxiety patients, dental fear Aesthetic dentistry Bleaching Whitening Craniomandibular Dysfunction - CMD Intra-Oral Scanner - Imprint without choking Root Canal Treatment Doctor is Master of Science Endodontics Complete restoration of the teeth Ceramic full restoration Temporomandibular joint diagnostics and therapy TMJ Child treatment, paediatric dentist Teeth grinding (bruxism) Laser treatment Bad breath (halitosis) Twilight sleep (analgo-sedation) Twilight sleep with laughing gas Treatment under general anaesthesia Periodontitis treatment Doctor is Master of Science Periodontology Photoactivated disinfection (PAD) Professional teeth cleaning Faster wound healing through PRGF procedure Show proper tooth brushing Reconstructive dentistry Low pain drilling Low-pain spraying Snoring therapy SOLO prophylaxis Root apex resection Tooth preservation before dentures 

Detailed advice on all questions Treatment of patients abroad Advice on allergies Reminder of (preventive) care appointments Payment plans for dentures Caries prophylaxis with xylitol Easily accessible by bus and train Own parking spaces for patients Suitable for wheelchair users Practice is wheelchair accessible Practice is barrier-free Suitable for limited mobility Suitable for hearing impairment Suitable for visually impaired Offers 2nd dentist opinion Evening consultations by arrangement Weekend consultation hours by arrangement Online allocation of appointments Online allocation of appointments by external provider Appointment via e-mail Appointment via fax Waiting time max. 5 minutes Waiting time max. 5 minutes Waiting time max. 15 minutes 

Amalgam remediation Holistic dentistry 

CEREC - dentures in a day Dental microscope Own practice lab available Digital X-ray 3D X-ray (DVT) 

Kariesschutz durch Bracketumfeld-Versiegelung Incognito (fast unsichtbare Zahnspange) Invisalign (fast unsichtbare Zahnspange) Kieferorthopädie Kieferorthopädie Erwachsenenbehandlung Kieferorthopädische Funktionsdiagnostik Ganzheitliche Kieferorthopädie Kieferorthopädische Chirurgie Unsichtbare Zahnspangen für Erwachsene Feste Zahnspangen für Erwachsene Herausnehmbare Zahnspangen für Erwachsene Retainer für Erwachsene Feste Zahnspangen für Kinder Herausnehmbare Zahnspangen für Kinder Retainer für Kinder 

Cordial interaction with patients Friendliness on the phone Short waiting times Treatment of extreme anxiety patients 

Allergy safe dentures Cerec: ceramic crown in a day 

My colleagues at Medicadent Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dr. Zeynep Lale Çalışkan

Dr. Zeynep Lale Çalışkan


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Dr. Yeliz Demirel Yıldız

Dr. Yeliz Demirel Yıldız


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Awards and Memberships

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Medlin-SternMedlin-SternMedlin-SternDeutsche Gesellschaft für ImplantologieDeutsche Gesellschaft für zahnärztliche Implantologie

Testimonials:  5,0 out of 5 from 1541 recommendations

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(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



İt is a very great Clinic. All the staff are very friendly and my Dr. Zafer
Kazak who makes my implants are an awesome doctor. A new and improved
technology reduce the pain after the treatment to the minimum.

Note from the doctor:
Thank you for your Feedback Mr. Black

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Very good and professional Doc´s. I´am so happy with my implant treatment all
the treatment was painless! Thank you Doc Zafer Kazak

Note from the doctor:
Thank you for your comment Mister Watson. You are welcome.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr.Kazak was very friendly. He gave me some really important informations
about my implant operation.
It was a really successfull operation.Thank you for all,Dr.Kazak

Note from the doctor:
Thanks a lot, mrs. Herbst.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



It was my first dental surgery.Everything was super profesional.Dr.Kazak has
given me 5 implants within 4 days.The procedure was wonderful.Thank you
Dr.Kazak and team.

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I met with Doctor Zafer Kazak and finished my implant treatment. His team are
very respective for their jobs. Thank you.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Doctor Zafer Kazak is very friendly and helpful towards his patients. He did
the implant treatment and I was really pleased. Many thanks to Doctor Zafer
Kazak and the Medicadent team.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Friendly and very clean clinic. I believe that Dr. Zafer Kazak is a
knowledgeable doctor, he has a very good experience in Dental İmplantion. I
will recommend all my friends to visit him for dental treatments.

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I am very pleased with my doc. at the clinic.
I recommend Dr.Kazak.He let me teally feel and confortable with my treatment
process.Thanks for everything.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I was so scaring with implant surgery.When I met Dr. Kazak ,I got really good
feelings him.And finally I have my new mouth and smile.I am so happy now.
Many thanks to him and his team.

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I was really satisfied with the prompt service and kind staff.I would always
appreciate to be in touch this clinic.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I have had my implant surgery in Istanbul with Dr. Kazak.He has an excellant
knowlege on implants.He saved my life.İt is not a joke.It is just real.
I appreciate him.Thanks a lot.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Thanks to the team for everything.I am really glad for sure.
I will remind my friends,You are the best.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I have been informed about the treatmen very well and clearly.
I trusted him because of his experienced attitude.
I was an excellent dentistry experience I have ever been.
I highly recommend Dr.Zafer Kazak and his friendly team.

Note from the doctor:
Dear Ipek,
It was a pleasure to do your treatment for us.
We will remember your warm and beatufil smile after your treatment procedure.Thank a lot for your comment.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Perfect Treatment, everyone was nice tome next time I come with my wife

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Great clinic,modern equipments,sympathie team

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



the treatment was very professionel.The team and mu dentists are very good
qualified Thanks

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



I Lıke The Faet That The Staff Take Pride In Their Work The End Result Is Very Good

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



They did a very good job
giving me an implant
very goog service

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Medicadent is a great dental clinic.
Dentists and all employees in this dental clinic are very friendly.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr. Zafer Kazak is a great dentist and I am very pleased with his work. He has used me about a month ago a dental implant, pain heights, and I have never regretted it. All dentists and all employees in the Medicadent dental clinic are very friendly and will help rich. I can only recommend this dental clinic. Thanks at all...

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