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Dr. med. dent.
Marco Hahn

Dentist, dental surgeon, Implantology
Partida Cap Negret, Edf. Costa Bella 17, 03590 Altea
4.9 ★★★★★ - 82 recommendations

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In the team of Clinica Dental Cap Negret

Dr. med. dent. Marco Hahn

Dr. med. dent. Marco Hahn

Fields of expertise: Dentist, dental surgeon, Implantology

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Languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Nederlands, Français,

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Treatment services of the practice clinic

Bone augmentation for implants Dental surgery Titanium implants Immediately loadable dental implants Sinus lift Doctor is Master of Science Oral Implantology Peri-implantitis Favourable implants 

Aesthetic dentistry Bleaching Whitening Root Canal Treatment Complete restoration of the teeth Periodontitis treatment Professional teeth cleaning Reconstructive dentistry Tooth preservation before dentures 

Detailed advice on all questions Caries prophylaxis with xylitol 

Amalgam remediation Holistic dentistry 

Own practice lab available Digital X-ray 

metal-free dentures metal-free prosthetic dentures Prosthetic dentures Veneers Zirconia bridges 

Testimonials:  4,9 out of 5 from 82 recommendations

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(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I have known Altea as a holiday resort for 10 years...a severely broken abutment tooth of my ceramic bridge and pain of an adjacent tooth led me to the practice of Dr.Marco Hahn....

The website I had studied beforehand did not promise too much! A previous, very pleasant telephone call with the receptionist also seemed promising...I
received a first appointment on the same day, so that the dentist could get a first impression of my emergency situation...

The practice is easy to get to in Altea, great premises...the treatment chair with a view
view of the sea... very clean and extremely tasteful furnishings...

Mr. Dr. Hahn then took care of my problem, 2 days later I had an extensive an extensive emergency treatment, one tooth had to be extracted, another one was another one got a root filling with 2 pins, a bone augmentation as preparation
preparation for an implant....A session that, when you have it in front of you, is is not tempting...BUT :I was not in pain at any time, although it was tricky to work in a way that preserved teeth...
I felt that I was the centre of attention....

everything went like clockwork Dr. Hahn was highly concentrated, calm, very transparent in his explanations, open
his explanations, open and unpretentious, the staff member very emphatic emphatic,...despite my fear, I never felt lost... lost at any time...The most modern X-ray equipment, everything was operated on with magnifying glasses,
the injections were well done, the bill was very acceptable... I had my bridge restored in my mouth for my money: perfectly fitted.
holiday saved! A detailed invoice will be provided for my private insurance.
private insurance...everything was really thought of !...The fact that the dentist's office is 1900km away from my home doesn't bother me...
in the future during my stay in Altea I will not only go out for go for a delicious meal, but also to the dentist !...A stroke of luck for me !
for me ! After all, confidence is the quietest form of courage ! Thank you
rightly 5

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I had a complete rehabilitation, new crowns, bridges,
new crowns, bridges, bone reconstruction and much more.
felt in good hands. Dr. Hahn is not only a very competent dentist with a very friendly and helpful team, but also a perfect dentist.
and helpful team, but also a perfectionist and I am more than satisfied with his work.
I am more than satisfied with his work. I have often been asked by strangers
people tell me what beautiful, natural teeth I have.
I have. For me it's clear that if I have to go to the dentist, only Dr. Hahn.

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I had my teeth cleaned today by Mrs Althaus in Dr Hahn`s practice,
very professional and thorough treatment, especially for me as a slightly
patient with very sensitive teeth, I am delighted with the treatment and the result.

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (4,3 von 5) )



Always friendly, realistic and does not promiss you what ypu want but only
what he can do.

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



Already client since 2004 and I am very happy that
Marco Hahn is my dentist. Last treatment took about 2 months, placing several
inplants and the result is as usual excellent. It looks very good and the bite
is better than ever before. I will no hesitate to recomment Marco Hahn to my
friends and others.

Antonius Sturkenboom

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr. Hahn provided complete and comprehensible information about my treatment.
I had complete trust in Dr. Hahn,
My overall impression was that Dr. Hahn provided high-quality dentistry in a
professional environment.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Very professional dentist. Also a person with empathy for patients. Good
and complete information.
I had a project for more than a year, with the end result 3 implants (molars)
a perfect bite and it looks perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My jaw did not have enough bone for the implants, so first there was a
operation to put (animal)bone marrow in that converted in 4 months to my own.
During the whole period Dr.Hahn explained very well what was going to happen.
Also the team works like clockwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy that it is over, but more happy with the

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr. Marco Hahn is great professional !
My family ( 2 adaults and 2 kids)always were treated very well in his center since year 2007 ! Last time he made a fillings for my frontal teeth as it would be a veneers ! We discussed two options: veneers ( more guarantee that will look perfect) or fillings (some imperfections still could be seen). As a result: Dr.Marco Hahn made a perfect feelings wich made my teeth looks healthy and natural( no any imperfections seen) and cost me 3-4 time less than veneers!!!
I am greatly appreciate his job and highly recommend to all !
With warm regards,
Natalia Vasileva

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



The clinic is very clean and tidy. The personnel is very friendly and service minded. The service was very efficient and professional, giving good results to my problem. I would recommend it.

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