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HD Dental Clinic

Dentistry specialist, Implantology, Aesthetic dentistry, Oral surgery
Kert utca 21, 9200 Mosonmagyarovar
4.9 ★★★★★ - 32 recommendations

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  HD Dental Clinic

HD Dental Clinic

Fields of expertise: Dentistry specialist, Implantology, Aesthetic dentistry, Oral surgery

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Languages: Magyar,

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Treatment services of the dental clinic

All-on-4™ Bone augmentation for implants Dental surgery Minimally invasive surgery Titanium implants Mini implants Immediately loadable dental implants Minimally invasive implantology Sinus lift Peri-implantitis Favourable implants New teeth in one day Microsurgery Mucosal transplantation Gum transplant 

Anxiety patients, dental fear Bleaching Whitening Root Canal Treatment Complete restoration of the teeth Ceramic full restoration Temporomandibular joint diagnostics and therapy TMJ Teeth grinding (bruxism) Laser treatment Twilight sleep (analgo-sedation) Treatment under general anaesthesia Periodontitis treatment Doctor is Master of Science Periodontology Professional teeth cleaning Show proper tooth brushing Reconstructive dentistry Low pain drilling Low-pain spraying Tooth preservation before dentures 

Detailed advice on all questions Advice on allergies Caries prophylaxis with xylitol Tooth jewellery 

Amalgam drainage Amalgam remediation Holistic dentistry Naturopathic dentistry 

CEREC - dentures in a day Own practice lab available Digital X-ray 

Allergy safe dentures Ceramic fillings All-ceramic crowns metal-free dentures metal-free prosthetic dentures Prosthetic dentures Veneers Inexpensive dentures Zirconia inlays Zirconia crowns Zirconia bridges 

The team of HD Dental Clinic

Dr. med. dent. Christian Menko

Dr. med. dent. Christian Menko

Facharzt für Zahnmedizin

4 recommendations
4.8 von 5.0 ★★★★★

Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Frank Kannmann

Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Frank Kannmann M.Sc., M.Sc.

Facharzt für Zahnmedizin

1058 recommendations
4.9 von 5.0 ★★★★★

DMD Yeji Lee

DMD Yeji Lee


7 recommendations
4.7 von 5.0 ★★★★★

DMD Hye Won Jeon

DMD Hye Won Jeon


7 recommendations
4.7 von 5.0 ★★★★★

Testimonials:  4,8 out of 5 from 32 recommendations

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Gabriela Anna
(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr Kannmann is an excellent dentist. He is very sympathetic and
takes enough time to explain exactly what is pending and what is actually needed.
Thank you very much !!!

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (4,4 von 5) )



In August I had 4 implants placed in the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower jaw.
lower jaw. No complaints so far. I am now waiting until the end of
healing. I'm very enthusiastic so far.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I was informed in detail about the possibilities of the treatment.
Dr Kannmamm is really super, very
friendly. In Germany they could not help me but Dr. Kannmamm has taken care of my
and I am very satisfied, I am absolutely thrilled with him.
I am absolutely thrilled with him, if I have a problem again I will go back to him. I gladly accept the long
I am happy to accept the long drive! It really pays off!

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Very polite reception and service
Great cooperation in making appointments
Appointments made at very short notice (if necessary)
Trouble-free handling by telephone
No language barriers
Pleasant waiting area 
Medical care
Very competent and convincing
Exact dental condition and dentition survey
Discussion about the possible solutions

Possible duration of the corresponding variants
Precise explanation from the doctor's point of view 
Specific explanation and advice about the selected variant
Exact costs of the treatment are recorded and communicated
Technical staff
Extremely courteous and reassuring
Very attentive and friendly
Good training is clearly visible
Perfect team with the medical director
Unconditional personal recommendation (already done)
Came by recommendation myself (through the head of radiology, LKH Floridsdorf-Vienna).
You know you are in good hands from the first minute on.
Good location, quick access
In my personal opinion, the practice has the best and most up-to-date equipment.

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I am a long term client mote then 10 years of yopur praxis and alone this
tells something of my exoperiences with you!!

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr. Kannmann is very kind, treatment with explanation in all details. No rush,
calm and very sensitive. This doctor lives understanding for his patients.
Trained and up to date. Perfect for anxiety patients. Best hygiene standards.
Put on the spot - Five stars! Thank you so much Dr. Kannmann

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr.Kannmann is one of the best Dentists that I_ve ever known. He and his
team were always friendly and the final result was excellent! The costs of
the treatment are very very good and a lot of my friends reccomend Dr.
Frank Kannmann. After my excellent experience, I will certainly reccomend
him to all my friends, for the costs and especially for his lovely

Dr. Frank Kannmann ist einer der besten Zahnaertzte in Budapest und
Mosonmagyarovar. Er und sein team sind von anfang an sehr liebevoll mit uns
umgegangen und das finale resultat ist wundervoll! Die kosten sind sehr
empfehlenswert end sehr sehr niedrig als hier in Italien; viele Freunde
haben mir Dr.Kannmann empfohlen und nach meiner tollen Erfahrung werde ich
ihm auf jeden Fall all meiner Freunde und Bekannte empfehlen, weil es sich
sehr lohnt fuer die Kosten aber insbesondere fuer seinen liebevollen

Dr.Frank Kannmann è uno dei migliori Dentisti dell_Ungheria e di
Mosonmagyarover. Fin dall_inizio lui e il suo team ci hanno trattato con
molta gentilezza ed accuratezza e il risultato finale è a dir poco
meraviglioso! I costi sono molto molto bassi e sicuramente ne vale di gran
lunga la pena di spostarsi fino a lì per avere un ottimo lavoro ad un
prezzo bassissimo. Ho saputo del Dr.Kannmann da alcuni amici che l_hanno
assolutamente consigliato e dopo questa ottima esperienza, non posso che
consigliarlo a tutti i miei parenti. Ne vale assolutamente la pena sia per
i costi, ma sopratutto per il loro amorevole carattere.

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Having once again returned from a visit to Dr Kannmann from 10 - 15 April
2016, it is a pleasure to report on the outstanding,superior dental treatment
received at the clinic in Mosonmagyarovar. Implants done with minimum invasion
by laser technique and also minimal pain or bleeding. Over the 8 years I have
attended at Dr Kannmann_s(Frank)clinic, there has never been a moment of
regret for having come a great distance from Canada approximately 8 - 10
times. His work is of superb quality, friendly, professional and compassionate
and he is just a really nice person. All of those things, plus the enormous
saving over having similar procedures done in Canada, have made a visit to the
dentist something to which to look forward and even enjoy!!
Ms L Hildebrand
Winnipeg, Canada

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I made an appt to sort out a gap in the front of my mouth. My first appt
with Dr Franke, went very smoothly, he sat me down at the computer after
taking X-rays of my mouth, to discuss the best treatment forward. We both
agreed on cosmetic treatment, where the outcome would be replacement of
previous bad crowns _ the missing tooth replaced, all being on a
continuous bridge. After the discussion of treatment _ clear costing,
Franke stood up _ said lets get started then. I was in the surgery approx 2
hrs from start to finish on the first day of treatment, then returned 3
days later to have the temporary bridge removed _ the permanent bridge
fitted. This only took about 20 minutes including a complimentary clean of
the whole mouth. I would rate this experience as excellent _ would
recommend Dr Franke to any _ everyone. I can certainly say he is the best
dentist I_ve ever been to at the age of 65, _ am absolutely delighted with
the outcome as I didn_t expect them to look half as good as they do. I
haven_t stopped smiling since the treatment. Thank you Dr Franke.

Betty Anne
(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



"I came to Dr. Kannmann thinking I needed a crown on one of my top teeth. I
have worn a partial upper denture for over 30 years. When Dr. Kannmann
examined the remaining teeth he determined a telescoping denture would be
the best solution for me. I had never heard of this either in Canada or the
U S where I have had dental work done in the past. His explanation and
reasoning were through and easy for me to understand. It cost far less than
a partial denture would have in Canada and a fraction of what it would have
in the U S. I have never has a denture that is as comfortable or looks as
natural. I am so pleased with the entire experience I am telling all my
friends, family and acquaintances about Dr. Kannmann and his wonderful

I came to see Dr. Kannmann on the advice of a friend who has been seeing
him for 8 years. It didn_t take long to see why he is her dentist. Being
picked up at the airport in Vienna and being driven to picturesque
Mosonmagyarovar was just the beginning of the most stress free dental
treatment I have ever experienced! As soon as I met Dr. Kannmann I felt at
ease...and I_m an uneasy dental patient. I could hardly believe my
appointments were so quick and painless. His entire staff are wonderful. I
was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the whole experience. "

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I have absolute confidence in Dr Kannmann; he speaks excellent English and
explained every procedure thoroughly. He and his staff are very professional
and i wouldn_t hesitate to recommend him.

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Very satisfied with the work done- and the solutions found to resolve my
particular problems on both Upper and Lower Jaws - Dr Kannmann and his Team
are very professional - resourceful - and patient-friendly - and the Costs
were also very patient-friendly!

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I was really impressed with the sophistication of the dental surgery which was
more up to date than my own dental surgery at home. I love my new teeth, and
my colleagues at work have been very complimentary. I would recommend.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



hello, this was a pleasend stay mr. kannmann and Team did a wonderfull Job in
first class praxis- private parking next to the Center.
waiting time was sero . mr kannmann is a three sort competition- handle
Clients handle his Team - and has super Labor working so fast and good

nearby i did a Holiday in in a garden park, villige

i come again September for next work Peter n.

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



My name is Terry Adams from Florida USA and I_ve just returned from my second visit in 8 years to Happy-Dent and for the second time I_m extremely happy. My wife and my brother-in-law have also made the trip in the past.

There are many dental clinics in Hungary and, yes, you can get top quality dental treatment for a third of the price you would pay in the USA. The key is to choose the right dentist. For my money the German technology is world renowned. Frank Kannmann is one of Germany_s top dentists. His clinic is immaculate and has state of the art equipment. Dr. Kannmann travels all over the world to dental conventions to stay abreast of the latest technology.

Frank speaks many languages and perfect English. His ability to explain the procedures is very reassuring. Also, Dr. Kannmann has a real eye to make your teeth look natural and he is an extremely nice person.

The American dentists I have visited in the USA have always complimented Dr. Kannmann_s work. Needless to say they_re not happy about the price I paid. Happy-Dent is a no brainer. Say hello to Frank for me when you get there!!

P.S. His office will handle all of your travel details, including complimentary transportation to and from the airport and find a hotel to accommodate your needs.

(Private patient / Age: 65 plus / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



l have just returned from a 4 day trip to see Dr.Kannmann.This was my fourth trip,the first back in 2007.l arrived into Bratislava at 10am on Tuesday and was met by the Clinics driver.At 11am l was in the chair for the first part of my treatment.l returned three days later for the completion and the following morning l was collected by the driver and returned to the airport for my flight home.Frank is the best dentist l have ever known.He speaks fluent English as does most of his staff so there are no mis-understandings.With low cost flights and budget cost hotels and guest houses plus dentist cost at half UK cost it is a big saving.Monsonmagyarovar
is a very quite town with plenty of hotels,guest houses, pubs and restaurants and very inexpensive.l recommend Dr.Frank Kannmann without hesitation.

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I was always afraid to go to a dentist. Frank takes the time, explaines what he sees and what the possibilities are. he always goes for the long term solution. so now I don_t have to be scared anymore.Thanks to Frank.:)

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Friendly, personal and above all, precise and professional.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I visit Dr. Kannmann regularly with my family already for 10 years. He is a very intelligent nice person. Besides that he is very professional , he also takes the time to explain in details the situation and all treatment options. He gives good advise so you exactly know what to expect and what you have to take care for. He works careful and he gives special attention to children, so it_s not scary for them at all to go to the dentist. I recommend him to everyone.

(Private patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



the treatment I got from dr. Kannmann and his team was excellent. Besides there was great hospitality. I recommend him to everybody.
sincerely yours, Erik van Balen

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