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Dr. med. dent.
Isabel Selmair

Dentist, Implantology
Clemensstraße 21 a, 80803 Munich Schwabing-Freimann
4.8 ★★★★★ - 38 recommendations

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Dr. med. dent. Isabel Selmair

Dr. med. dent. Isabel Selmair

Fields of expertise: Dentist, Implantology

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Languages: Deutsch,

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Anxiety patients, dental fear Aesthetic dentistry Bleaching Whitening Root Canal Treatment Child treatment, paediatric dentist Periodontitis treatment Professional teeth cleaning Show proper tooth brushing Reconstructive dentistry Tooth preservation before dentures 

Detailed advice on all questions Caries prophylaxis with xylitol 

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Ceramic fillings Ceramic inlay All-ceramic crowns metal-free prosthetic dentures Veneers Inexpensive dentures 

Testimonials:  4,8 out of 5 from 38 recommendations

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(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



Hello. Am just gonna share my experience when I had a very strong tooth ache
from a bad molar, though now it really feels like sometimes ago, so I seached
for "dentist in munich" on google and then I found Dr Selmair on top of the
list. I checked the adress and went there. I had no insurance so intended to
pay in advance with the little money that I had. Really little money that made
me told her she should just remove the tooth and I will be fine, but instead,
she did an awesome job without taking any more money. She even told me during
the treatment that when I bring my insurance she can refund the money. She is
amazing, friendly, she also speaks English and she have excellent staffs.

(Private patient / Age: below 25 / Rating: (4,7 von 5) )



I am an expat originally from England, and I moved to Munich over two years
ago. Since moving, I neglected visiting the dentist here out of a fear of
potential language barriers and cultural differences. However, after
developing a pretty bad tooth ache, I was prompted to seek medical
attention. After a lot of research, I settled on making an appointment with
Dr. Isabel Selmair and her practice. Honestly, I could recommend Dr. Isabel
Selmair any higher! From the very first visit, I was treated in a
professional and friendly manner. Dr. Isabel Selmair made sure the cause of
my tooth pain was discovered and, more importantly, treated. I
unfortunately had to have a root canal, however, Dr. Isabel Selmair made
sure that I knew exactly what the procedure would entail and she did a
fantastic job! The procedure was completed to an exceptional level, and
with a composite filling on top, the tooth looks 100_ natural. From start
to finish, I was thoroughly impressed with how I was treated and the level
of care I received. I will definitely be making my regular checkups here
from now on! On a language note, Dr. Isabel Selmair speaks fluent English
(I was actually convinced she was American), and her staff have an
excellent grasp on the language, too!

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



Hi Guys,
I am an international student living in Munich since 2 years but unfortunately i still do not speak German. Couple of months ago, I had teeth problems and I was a bit anxious about finding a good dentist in Munich. However, and after I visited 2 or 3 doctors, I found that Dr. Isabel Selmair is the best. So I decided to do my teeth treatments (root canal) in her office, and so far so good. I am satisfied about the over all services (from the procedure of taking appointment to the results of the treatment). I was quite impressive, not about her English because as it is written in her profile, she grew in the USA so she is native speaker, but about her assistants because they speak good English and I feel very comfortable when communicating with them! In addition, Dr. Selmair is very patient doctor and always explains to me the treatment she is doing … I found this very helpful to feel comfortable as patient because usually other doctors do not explain very well the treatment that the patient is getting because for them it is a waste of time and they will not get paid for that. I really appreciate the working procedure of this "Praxis". I strongly recommend you this doctor whenever you have teeth problems :-) Cheers!

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



Very friendly atmosphere. All the stuffs spoke English which was very important for me. The doctor was a very kind lady and the treatment was excellent. I had severe problem with my teeth but now everything is all right after the treatment and i have no complains about my teeth anymore.

(Health insuance patient / Age: below 25 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



I am international student, I can_t speak German, and I had really bad tooth pain which was unbearable, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Selmair_s clinic. People in clinic speak excellent English which helped to finish administrative stuff really fast. They received me immediately, even though their schedule was packed and almost filled up for that day. It turned out that i need to do root canal treatment. Everything went better than expected, and most important I didn_t feel any pain during procedure. Now my tooth is perfectly fine, procedure was really successful. For sure I am going to continue visiting this clinic.

Best regards,

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (4,6 von 5) )



Well, good news always travels fast!
If I write here and now that this is by far the best dentist I have ever been to (around the world, but also here in Munich) will I be able to book an appointment with her anytime in the future without having to wait for months...?

We completely overhauled more than just a few teeth, doing what was strictly necessary (ceramic crowns on my weakened root-canal-molars, tiny no-show plastic fillings whereever necessary, tooth whitening -wow! Effective!!- for reasons of vanity and maybe the most important: she taught me the crucial difference in hygiene resulting simply in me feeling better!). I was always allowed to stay on top of matters viewing the succeeding steps of treatment enlarged onscreen by permitting me to take part in the decisions concerning MY health.

Simply great, will recommend her highly anytime!
And, of course: Her English is perfect and precise!

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (4,7 von 5) )



this dentist as well as the immaculate office really impressed me a lot!! Top quality dentistry, speaking excellent English, never made me wait longer than 10 minutes and - very sympathetic!

Who would have thought I´ll be looking forward to see the dentist?

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