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Dr. med. dent.
Michael Braun

Dentist, Implantology
Neubrunnenstraße 24, 55116 Mainz Altstadt
4.9 ★★★★★ - 107 recommendations

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The dental practice Dr. Braun in Mainz, Germany, is a practice specialized in implantology and aesthetic dental treatment.
The treatments offered in the practice include veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening and periodontology. With the help of the latest techniques and equipment, the dental practice Dr. Braun offers high-quality and inexpensive dental treatments.

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Dr. med. dent. Michael Braun

Dr. med. dent. Michael Braun

Fields of expertise: Dentist, Implantology

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Languages: Deutsch,

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Treatment services of the doctors office

All-on-4™ Titanium implants Mini implants Favourable implants New teeth in one day 

Anxiety patients, dental fear Bleaching Whitening Temporomandibular joint diagnostics and therapy TMJ Teeth grinding (bruxism) Bad breath (halitosis) Professional teeth cleaning 

Allergy safe dentures Veneers Inexpensive dentures 

Testimonials:  4,9 out of 5   -   107 recommendations from here and 5 external sources

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(Health insuance patient / Age: below 25 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I got a new crown from Dr. Braun because the old one had broken off after more than 20 years.
had broken off. Everything was done without pain and visually perfect. I have been
to this practice for years.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I had my teeth cleaned. Could not be better.

( / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



A great practice. Finally someone takes
time for my problems. I can only recommend it.

( / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



Nice, competent, good value and open to my questions.
Took a lot of time and advised and treated me very well. He
will be my new dentist

(Health insuance patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I had been thinking about implants for years, but my dentist advised me against it because it was a big operation and the results were not always good. I finally plucked up the courage because I had read a lot of good things about Dr. Braun on the internet and an acquaintance also recommended him. I went to the practice and was given detailed and very good advice. Dr. Braun took away all my fears, carried out the procedure professionally and was very nice, as were all the other staff. I have never felt so well looked after. The practice is also technically well equipped. Of course it was a longer procedure and it was also painful, but now I can laugh again, my appearance has improved a lot and I feel better about life. I am glad that I had it done and can only warmly recommend Dr. Braun!

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



Dr. med. dent. Michael Braun is the best dentist there is!
After a treatment with him, you neither have pain nor the feeling that he is "doing away with you"! He answers all questions and takes time for each patient. My partner always had panic attacks in front of the dentist with sweating, but since I took him to Dr. Braun, he is totally enthusiastic about him and no longer has any fear of going to the dentist :o)
I have been seeing him for about 8 years now and I am always 1000% satisfied!
He is really recommendable, even for patients who were previously afraid of the dentist!
If he uses an anaesthetic, he always doses it so precisely that you don't still have a numb lip 2 hours later ;o)
Dr. med. dent. Michael Braun is very nice, always friendly and deals with each patient individually.
And the best thing is: you don't have to wait 2 hours for an appointment with him, you usually come straight to the appointment.

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (4,9 von 5) )



I was helped quickly, competently and with little pain. I am really very

(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



always very good treatment friendly team

(Health insuance patient / Age: below 25 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I can`t say anything else but that I am simply thrilled! I came to the practice in terrible pain and was treated immediately because an appointment had just become available. Dr. Braun has such a calming aura that I (normally a fear patient) agreed to a filling without any problems.
After only a few minutes, I was pain-free.
The anaesthetic injection, which normally always makes me feel very uncomfortable, I didn`t feel this time, the anaesthetic was perfectly dosed, wore off shortly after leaving the surgery.
I wouldn`t have believed it but I really left the surgery with a smile and definitely want to go again.
Simply a great dentist !!!

(Health insuance patient / Age: below 25 / Rating: (4,0 von 5) )



The doctor and his team answered all questions very well.

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