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Dr. Dr.
Konrad Jacobs

Dental Implant Expert, Implantology
Kärntnerstraße 10, 1010 Vienna Innere Stadt
4.9 ★★★★★ - 174 recommendations

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In the team of Fachpraxis Implantologie

Dr. Dr. Konrad Jacobs

Dr. Dr. Konrad Jacobs

Fields of expertise: Dental Implant Expert, Implantology

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Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Español, Italiano,

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Treatment services of the doctors office

Anxiety patients, dental fear Aesthetic dentistry Complete restoration of the teeth Ceramic full restoration Twilight sleep (analgo-sedation) Twilight sleep with laughing gas Treatment under general anaesthesia Doctor is Master of Science Periodontology Piezosurgery 

Detailed advice on all questions Caries prophylaxis with xylitol 

CEREC - dentures in a day Dental microscope Own practice lab available Digital X-ray 3D X-ray (DVT) 

Ceramic inlay All-ceramic crowns metal-free dentures Veneers Inexpensive dentures Zirconia crowns Zirconia bridges 

Testimonials:  4,9 out of 5   -   174 recommendations from here and 3 external sources

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(Health insuance patient / Age: 50 - 65 / Rating: (4,0 von 5) )



Dr Jacobs has been my dentist of choice for years

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I had the pleasure of receiving first-class treatment from Dr Jacobs and his team between November and December 2009: After I had a crowded molar erupted, I went to see Mr Jacobs on the recommendation of a friend and was surprised how uncomplicated, quick and completely painless the treatment was. The "operation" = insertion of the screw was carried out on the very first day of treatment, right after the removal of the old tooth remnant. The temporary was not noticeable as such at any time, the fitting of the crown was unspectacular, the insertion of the crown at the third appointment was a matter of a few minutes - it was so perfectly made.
I am really happy with the result and would therefore also like to give an unqualified recommendation at this point.
Apart from the competence of Dr. Jacobs, I can only report positive things: his team is also extremely competent, very friendly and considerate. You never really have the feeling that you are sitting in the dentist's office, because you get the feeling that you are not so much a patient here as a guest who is being helped with a lot of empathy.
And finally, I found it extremely pleasant that the appointments seem to be allocated in such a way that there are practically no waiting times and Dr. Jacobs takes a lot of time to explain the individual treatment steps in detail.
Even though I naturally wish I would not have to use Dr Jacobs' services again for as long as possible, it is still a good feeling to know that you can turn to a dentist like him if the worst comes to the worst!

(Private patient / Age: 25 - 49 / Rating: (5,0 von 5) )



I am writing on behalf of my mother, who unfortunately can no longer do this herself.
30 years ago!!! Dr.Jacobs placed implants in both her
She had implants placed in both her upper and lower jaw (back in Germany) - and she passed away last year with all these magnificent teeth.
You could NEVER tell they were implants, they were all guarded until the end.
admired her great teeth until the end. Mummy also never
never gave up any kind of pleasure (crispy things etc.).
However, Mutti also went regularly every couple of years for an
Since Dr. Jacobs has had his practice in Vienna, she has always been completely satisfied.
She would certainly have given 5 stars for all services.
G.Lünstroth, Germany

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