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Dental implants in Balatonfured

The following list includes established dentists and dental clinics in Balatonfured, that offer implants and dental prostheses.

Dr. Sandor Bordas-Semmelweis

Dentistry specialist


5 Sterne

visit profile

Zsigmond Utca 1
8230 Balatonfured

Dentists for implants in Balatonfured

Finding the right implantologist in Balatonfured and its surroundings, is not so easy. Putting a dental implant with or without Bone Grafting and Augmentation is a surgical procedure and requires not only specialist knowledge but also a lot of practical experience. This raises questions:

  • How many dental implants does my dentist place per year?
  • There are more than 150 implant systems – also good and inexpensive, which ones are used?
  • How much can a dental implant cost?
  • Are metal-free ceramic implants also offered (for allergy sufferers)?
  • Is the minimally invasive implantology particularly gentle on tissue offered?
  • Where is my prosthesis produced and is it cost-effective and sustainable?
  • How do you find a fair implantologist to save costs?
That’s where we come in.
Our new implant search engine will find the right specialist for dental implants in the area around Balatonfured free of charge and without obligation. An expert for your desired implant solution with experience and transparent implant costs..

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