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What do mini implants cost

Maxillary prosthesis on mini implants
Many denture wearers want a comfortable denture that neither wobbles nor presses and with which they can eat everything again. Just like in the past, when you asked yourself: "What am I hungry for today?" and not: "Can I eat that at all?". Mini implants are a cost-effective and helpful solution for denture wearers here and are very often used in various treatments worldwide.

In direct comparison to conventional implants, mini implants are much smaller and much cheaper. The diameter is only 3mm and the implants are made of titanium. Titanium is biologically neutral, does not cause allergies and is also used for artificial hip joints, for example. The healing of these miniature implants is therefore very safe and has been tested over many years.

The mini implants consist of a ball head / push button A, a gum grommet B, a square for insertion into the bone D and a special cutting thread C-E-F. They are one-piece and firmly connected to each other.

Mini implants
The small ball knob remains visible and the thread disappears completely into the jawbone. The receptacles for these ball anchors are located in the denture. They engage audibly and perceptibly in the denture. In this way, the denture is firmly connected via these mini-implants. This provides security and quality of life, avoids pressure points and prevents annoying wobbling and rocking.

In order to place these implants, usually only a short treatment appointment and a local anaesthetic are necessary. The implants are usually implanted directly through the mucous membrane. This means no incisions, hardly any blood and little pain and swelling. The implants can serve as an anchorage point immediately after placement. Due to the low price of the implants and the short treatment time, the costs are correspondingly lower. The dental prosthesis to be produced is also very inexpensive as a total prosthesis. Many international clinical studies confirm its success. Such a prosthesis costs from. 3.000.- EUR in the lower jaw and from 3.500.- EUR in the upper jaw. In any case, get a second medical opinion including a price comparison, because the statutory health insurance only covers a fixed allowance for the total prosthesis. The rest is your personal contribution and can be very different for the same service and quality.

Due to the deterioration of the jaw bone, a denture loses its hold and suction power over time. Patients then often turn to an adhesive cream, but this is not free of side effects and allergies. Here, a denture on mini-implants is a proven solution that anchors the prosthesis with a click. In the lower jaw, four implants are often enough. In the upper jaw, six implants are usually used for anchorage. Thanks to the possible immediate loading, the denture can be placed immediately on the implants.

This also provides the best possible protection for the small wounds. After healing, the small receptacles for the ball heads are glued into the denture with rubber rings. The denture can be removed very easily for cleaning, even by older patients.

This means that a restoration with mini-implants is also possible for patients who have fewer financial resources or for whom there is too little bone available for conventional implants.
Mini implants can also be used for temporary prostheses, interim prostheses or interim replacements until healing takes place and temporarily anchor a removable prosthesis.

This implantation can often take place at the same time as the removal of damaged teeth. In the case of bone reconstructions, healing times of up to one year often have to be bridged. Mini-implants are also a perfect temporary solution here. In orthodontics, too, mini-implants offer very good anchorage points in adult treatment.

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