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Cheap dental implants - a real alternative

Many patients want to save money with cheap dental implants and dentures, but don't know how. Here we give you help, support and information on how it is possible to find a cheap dentist who also has years of experience. The key is often the dental laboratory, which offers cheap alternatives in Germany or even from abroad.

With large commercial laboratories that work for hundreds of dentists, purchasing is often much cheaper, and this is particularly noticeable in the case of implant dentures. Many of these inexpensive dentists are also fair in their billing and take lower billing factors (2.3 instead of 3.5 or higher), charge less for IGEL services and agree to a second dentist's opinion.

Often the implant material is also much cheaper. For example, the price range of good implant systems is between €170 and €600. Often much cheaper than at the dentist around the corner. Our dentist search goes into detail and helps you find the right practice.

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