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Biting firmly again immediately is not a utopia with immediately loadable implants

The small operation in the morning and a delicious dinner with friends in the evening. You can find out how that works here.

What is meant by immediately loadable implants?

These implants are screwed into the jaw and can be fitted with a temporary denture immediately afterwards. This means:
  • During the entire healing period of 2-3 months, you can eat almost everything (you should avoid cracking nuts with your teeth)
  • Your rows of teeth are completely closed. You can smile or laugh whenever you feel like it.

Prerequisites for immediately loadable implants

We would like to emphasise here that the placement of immediately loadable dental implants is only possible under certain conditions:
  1. It is crucial that there is sufficient stable bone substance in the area of the future dental implant. The height, width and bone density of the existing jaw bone must fit.
  2. The gums must be free of inflammation. If there is inflammation in the oral cavity, this must, as with all implants, basically heal first.

Only with these prerequisites can an immediately loadable dental implant be inserted.

Procedure of an implantation with immediately loadable dental implants

As with all surgical procedures, minimally invasive methods are preferred. The following images provide a good overview.

Preparation of implant placement with immediately loadable implantsPicture 1

As can be seen in Picture 1, the gums are only removed by laser in the places where the implants will later be placed. The otherwise necessary cutting of the gums and exposure of the jawbone for implantation is no longer necessary with this procedure. This results in a significantly reduced risk of infection after implantation.

placed immediate implants in the upper jawimage 2

Now a drilling template is usually inserted and the oral surgeon drills into the jawbone. Then the implants made of ceramic or titanium are screwed in, as can be seen in Fig. 2. Due to the gentle laser treatment of the gums - the laser immediately closes the blood vessels again - there is hardly any bleeding or major swelling. There is also hardly any pain or it is significantly less

Bridge on immediately loadable dental implantsPicture 3

The rest that follows is the same as with any crown or bridge. A jaw impression is taken - either the bite in the impression tray filled with "gel" or the non-contact scan with the intraoral scanner - depending on the equipment of the practice. Afterwards, the temporaries are fabricated and inserted. Final result after approx. 4 hours see Fig. 3

The final denture

You will receive your final denture made of zirconium, all-ceramic or conventional materials after a safe healing period of approx. 2-3 months.

Our conclusion:With conventional implants, healing time without loading 3 - 6 months, the success rate after 10 years is over 90 percent with appropriate oral hygiene. This also applies to immediate loading.

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