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Dentures from abroad

If you have a little time, you can save a lot of money with dentures from abroad

Time, because the transport routes are considerably longer and therefore some extra days have to be included.

Large dental laboratories save up to 80% of their laboratory costs

Because many dental labs are simply too small from a business perspective.
Approximately 25,000 dental labs (practice labs and commercial labs combined) work for about 53,300 dental practices in Germany.
This results in an average of 2 customers per laboratory. This is often too small to take advantage of operational savings potential.

Healthy competition is lacking

In addition, there is a lack of healthy competition. Dentists with their own practice laboratory understandably have all their work done there. However, dentists without their own practice laboratory often refuse to change, even though the few large laboratories produce at the same quality up to 80% cheaper. (e.g. zirconium crown from 99,- € in the large laboratory instead of up to 500,- € in the practice laboratory).

This is how modern large-scale laboratories lower the laboratory costs for your dentures

  1. A crucial cost factor is the purchase of goods. The larger the quantity purchased, the lower the price per piece or unit of quantity. Small businesses have no chance against large buyers. Because even with a bonus booklet, low material costs are extremely important to reduce your total cost of dentures
  2. The utilisation of the equipment and machines used. A dental crown or bridge (zirconia) is hardened in high-temperature firing equipment at up to 920°C. The monthly leasing costs are always the same, regardless of whether 1 crown is fired daily or maximum utilisation takes place around the clock. Spreading these leasing costs over 2000 instead of just 20 crowns makes all the difference.
  3. Employee utilisation is a problem especially for small businesses. This is because salaries have to be paid even when there is idle time due to a lack of orders or illness.
  4. The location of manufacturing. The fixed costs for production buildings (room rent) and employees (salaries) are considerably lower abroad, e.g. Turkey or China. For example, the average income of all employees in Germany in 2015 was 3,612 euros (gross). In Turkey, where many large laboratories work, at 679 euros and in China at 597 euros.
The decisive factors for quality are the material used and the qualification of the employees, not the location!
The company headquarters of our partner laboratories is in Germany, part of the production is done cheaply abroad. As with many other companies, the lower production costs are used to the advantage of the patients. And the quality is so good that not only the legal 2-year warranty is given, but even a 5-year guarantee. There is also no difference in terms of liability whether a practice laboratory or a small commercial laboratory on site is commissioned or one of our partner laboratories. Only your denture costs are much lower - up to 80%.


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