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Best dentures through payment by instalments

Zahnersatz finanzieren Dental prostheses are an expensive affair. Dental implants in particular can quickly cost several thousand euros. For many patients, a "beautiful smile" has long ceased to be a matter of course. has long ceased to be a matter of course. Since the statutory health insurances only reimburse the most necessary treatments for dental prostheses, many dentists offer a supplementary product.

Payment by instalments for dentures.

The option of payment by instalments is intended to make it easier for patients to finance high-quality, aesthetic restorations.
The glossy brochures of many practices say:

To ensure that your treatment meets your personal requirements, we will be happy to advise you in detail about your options. Thanks to our favourable financing, you become a private patient and your individual treatment with all our know-how can begin immediately. Your teeth and your health should be worth it to you.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Best possible treatment - from a dental point of view.
  • Highest quality dentures - from a dental point of view.
  • Cosmetic wishes are realised according to your ideas
  • Convenient, direct and discreet handling
  • You have the choice: payment in instalments or payment after completion of treatment
  • Your own contribution is no longer an obstacle
  • Favourable interest rates
  • Enjoy the benefits of being treated like a "private patient
  • Your smile will become a matter of course again.

But all that glitters is not gold

According to advertising, one advantage of credit financing is the best possible treatment with highest-quality dentures. Clearly, every patient should should try to stay away from today's health insurance solution - the state of the 90s. But he should also ask himself whether it really has to be the most expensive dental Porsche or Ferrari? Because that is precisely where the danger lies. Dentists and dental laboratories also profit from expensive dentures. The dentist and dental laboratory also profit from expensive dental prostheses - and may tend to use the patient's newfound financial power for particularly expensive restorations.

Summary: Irrespective of your possible credit limit, you should check carefully beforehand whether the treatment offered really makes sense. Because the most expensive, most complex solution is not always the best one for you. (For example: MIMI = Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation, is offered by many doctors as a TOP innovation with an extra charge. But it is actually a very cost-saving method).

Checklist: Financing dentures with credit - How to proceed:

  • Always get a comparison quote from a second dentist. If both treatment proposals largely agree, you can be sure not to be ripped off. In medical jargon, this is called "overtreatment". effective annual interest rate.
  • Then compare your dentist's offer with those on our list (below). In 97% of all cases, it is still significantly cheaper here.

Here is the current overview of the interest rate conditions:


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