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CEREC, crowns, inlays and veneers without cumbersome impressions

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction, i.e. a build-up and repair of one`s own teeth with the support of intraoral scanner, design software and computer-controlled milling unit. With the CEREC procedure it is possible to produce fillings, inlays, crowns and small bridges from glass ceramics / all-ceramics. The materials used are metal-free and accordingly also allergy-neutral.

The cements and adhesives used are also checked in advance to ensure maximum safety. Only an allergy test provides absolute safety, as more and more people are allergic to countless materials.

But it is not only biological compatibility that is an advantage of the CEREC procedure, but also flawless aesthetics. Unlike gold alloys, metal frameworks or metallic substructures of ceramic veneer crowns, all-ceramics allow light to shine through to the patient's own tooth.
This gives the crown or filling a chameleon effect, making this form of tooth replacement almost invisible. The shape, colour and luminescence are identical to your own teeth. Dark and unsightly crown margins are a thing of the past.

In addition, ceramic does not conduct heat or cold. Accordingly, temperature differences when eating ice or hot drinks are not or less transmitted to the nerve of the tooth. All-ceramic crowns also require less tooth substance to be ground off. CEREC is therefore gentler on the substance than a preparation for a metal-ceramic crown.
But the biggest advantage is the time saved. The dental crown or inlay can be produced in just one session without unpleasant impressions and without the need for a dental technician or dental laboratory. In most cases, the treatment is completed in only two hours. There is no need for an interim solution with a temporary restoration. The costs for this are also eliminated.
Cerec unit

CEREC is used to replace mercury-containing amalgam fillings, for inlays, onlays, veneers and for small metal-free bridges. Most people want beautiful, white teeth. This is a guarantee for a healthy and active appearance and physical well-being. Self-confidence also grows with healthy teeth and is very important for social contacts and quality of life.

The CEREC procedure comes from the company Sirona. It was developed in 1985 and has been perfected over the years. Thanks to ever faster computers, better scanners and highly developed software, CEREC has become indispensable in dental practices. Cerec crowns have been tried and tested since 1985 and are very durable. Certified and trained dentists reconstruct the damaged parts of the tooth on the screen with the appropriate software. A computer-controlled milling machine produces the moulded part from a block. This is then attached to the prepared tooth with adhesives. The fillings or crowns made in this way can be loaded immediately. Small irregularities or bite corrections can be corrected during the same treatment. corrected during the same treatment.

What is the CEREC procedure?

1. What does the name CEREC actually mean? .

2. What can the CEREC technique be used for in dentistry?

3. How does the treatment work and what is the treatment procedure? .

4. How long does such a treatment actually take? .

5. What does "CHAIRSIDE" or "LABSIDE" actually mean?

6. How painful is a CEREC treatment?

7. Can pain occur after the insertion of CEREC inlays, crowns and bridges?

8. What kind of materials are used for CEREC restorations?

9. How long does a CEREC restoration last?

10. Are large bridges also possible with CEREC?

11. Does a CEREC crown also work on an implant?

12. What about the treatment of children and deciduous teeth with the CEREC system?

13. Are all treatments with CEREC possible without taking an impression with an impression tray? .

14. Which patients are suitable for CEREC therapy? .

15. Why are CEREC materials allergy-free and biocompatible?

16. How long has the CEREC system been around?

17. Does the dentist require special training for the CEREC procedure? .

18. How many CEREC dental practices are there actually in Germany?

19. What are the benefits of CEREC treatment?

20. Disadvantages of the CEREC procedure?

21. What do CEREC crowns, bridges and inlays actually cost and why are they generally so expensive?.

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