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About endverbraucher

The website as well as other medical domains and all their sub-domains are part of the project "Transparency in the medical sector" of DEV AG, which as a press-like product provides editorial information on consumer-relevant topics and claims for itself the right to freedom of the press.
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Doctors, opticians, acousticians and other medical service providers are given the opportunity to introduce themselves to their customers. We speak here quite consciously of the customer and not of the patient. The patient (lat. patiens = patient, enduring' enduring) is treated, the customer compares actively, selects and makes his decision.

Our goal is to have completely satisfied customers.

What is the KAIZEN principle?

The term Kaizen gained worldwide fame through the car manufacturer Toyota, which has been producing according to this Japanese philosophy for decades and became the largest manufacturer worldwide.

Kaizen is based on the assumption that the current state is never perfect. Permanent is therefore considered by all employees at all levels, which processes could be improved. The goal is to increase quality, shorten process times and increase customer satisfaction.

The top priority is to avoid waste, whether it is due to overproduction or as a result of excessively large stocks, superfluous processes or movements, waiting times or errors. High priority is given to cleanliness and order in the office and at every workstation. Everywhere is only what is really needed, everything else is in its place, because even the search for things is waste.

Therefore also our request to all our customers (platform users). If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement - bring them on!
Because we know according to the basic statement of Zen Buddhism that no condition can be considered so good that it can not be improved.

Your opinion is important to us - that's the only way we can get better!


NEW: The doctors guide "Guide Medlin"

Ärzte with very many recommendations receive a special award: - the

Medlin star

The patient in focus

As a model served us the "stars" in the TOP gastronomy. To medical professionals who are recommended by many patients, we award our Medlin stars and present them and their range of treatments in detail in the new Guide Medlin. Depending on the number and content of the recommendations, these are one "Medlin star" (from 200 recommendations), two "Medlin stars" (from 400 recommendations) or three "Medlin stars" (from 600 recommendations).



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